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Giant sea creature amazes U

Staffers at wholesale nfl jerseys china the institute are calling it the discovery of a lifetime.

"We've never seen a fish this big," said Mark Waddington, senior nfl jerseys china captain of the Tole Mour, CIMI's sail training ship. "The last oarfish we saw was three feet long."

The obscure fish apparently died of natural causes. Tissue samples and video footage were sent to be studied by biologists cheap nfl jerseys at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Santana spotted something shimmering about nine metres deep while snorkelling during a staff trip in Toyon Bay at Santa Catalina Island.

"She said, china cheap nfl jerseys 'I have to drag this thing out of here or nobody will believe me,' " Waddington said.

After she dragged the carcass by the nfl jerseys china tail for more than 23 metres, staffers waded in and helped her bring it to shore.

"It took 15 or 20 of us to pick it up," Jeff Chace, a program director with CIMI, which runs a camp at Toyon Bay that teaches children to snorkel, kayak and hike, told television station KTBC TV.

Instructors from CIMI china wholesale nfl jerseys were unloading gear from a trip to Santa Barbara Island when they spotted Santana pulling the oarfish ashore.

"The craziest thing we saw during our two day journey at sea wholesale nfl jerseys happened when we got home," instructor Connor Gallagher said in a CIMI news release.

"It's one of these rare, weird things you see in southern California," Chace said of the oarfish.

The carcass was on display Tuesday for students studying at CIMI. It will be buried in the sand until it decomposes cheap nfl jerseys china and then its skeleton will be reconstituted for display, Waddington said.

How do parents cope with a child who has a disability

You might not have heard of Morquio's syndrome. In fact, you have to scour the net to find a crumb of detail on this life changing, debilitating condition. In all of Britain, only 27 people have it.

Aisha Seedat is one of them. A 12 year old from Oadby, Aisha's life is a daily battle against this genetic disease which affects her growth, bone development, ligaments, spine, heart and various other internal organs and has left her in a wheelchair.

This is the Seedat family's story; about the child they longed for whose life has been blighted by a disease that even the experts know Buy Girls Party Dresses Online next to nothing about.

Mum Asma: "We both wanted children but it took five years for us to conceive with Aisha. It seemed like an eternity.

"But now we know why she was a gift from God to us. He had Cheap Cocktail Dresses to make sure we were ready. I didn't tell anyone I was pregnant for months. I was so. wary. And than an early scan showed there was something not quite right with her lungs. And then other scans showed nothing. All the time, we prayed and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be."

Dad Sharif: "Aisha was born with a protruding sternum. I was so thrilled at the birth, so pleased to see her and then I saw this bone coming out of her chest. It was such a mix of emotions. I could see it wasn't right. I saw the look on the faces of the nurses and then I knew it was bad. They looked horrified.

"No one said anything and then they led me outside."

Asma: "Aisha was the first girl to be born in our extended family for many years. We were so happy and yet. we could see she was ill. I felt weak but I wanted to be positive. But, inside, I was contorted with grief."

Sharif: "We came home and we didn't know what to feel. We finally had our daughter. but we could see she was ill. We just didn't how ill she was."

Asma:"I gave her a bath when she was just nine days old and she stopped breathing. We rushed her into the hospital and they didn't know why she stopped breathing. They told me I must have had the bath water too cold. But I hadn't. I knew that wasn't right."

Finally, the hospital put the Seedat family in touch with Dr Nichami at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. He ordered an extensive list of tests. These confirmed that little Aisha had Morquio's Syndrome, an inherited condition with a long list of serious symptoms including defdeformities of the bones, joints and ligaments and problems with internal organs.

Asma:"It's an inherited genetic fault. We didn't know it, but I'm a carrier and Cheap Party Dresses Sharif is a carrier. You can only get it if both parents are carriers. We were both devastated."

A few months later, Asma became pregnant again. She was Cheap Graduation Dresses delighted, yet terrified.

Asma: "I think I went into a kind of depression. I knew there was a strong possibility our unborn child could also have Morquio. But I knew I didn't want a termination."

Saffiya was born at the Leicester Royal Infirmary on January 8, 2001. They did a series of Buy Formal Dresses Online tests after she was born. Saffiya did not have Morquio syndrome.

Asma: "We were very relieved."

More tests were Cheap Formal Dresses carried out on Aisha, meanwhile. They found her type of Morquio was quite severe.

Asma: "Aisha could walk. She could dance. But gradually, after the age of three, she lost the ability to do all of these things. We knew it would happen. But it doesn't make it any easier to take when it does.

"I have videos of her dancing and skipping. I can't watch them today. I can't even look at the photos. They're too upsetting. But she can talk. Oh my, can she talk! I never expected so many questions. Her wit and intelligence amazed me. Her reaction to her disability has always made me burn with pride."

Sharif: "When she was five, she had an operation to lengthen her spine. For the next nine months, she had to wear a halo traction, one of those things that keep your head still but look like they're from a horror movie. I had to tighten the screws of that traction once a week. It was awful."

Asma:"The prognosis is unknown. There's a new treatment ERT, enzyme replacement therapy which provides the enzyme which Aisha's body can't give her. It won't cure her. But it will alleviate some of her symptoms. It sounds brilliant, but they've told us she's not ready for that yet."

Sharif: "She is only 92cms tall. The Morquio restricts her growth, but her internal organs are still the same size. That causes all sorts of problems for her."

Asma: "We don't think too much about the future. We go to Morquio conferences and we know one sufferer who's 42. So you just don't know do you?

"We don't talk about it. Maybe we should. But we treasure every day we have with Aisha. She's a gift from God.

Sharif: "Even though we have been living with this for 12 years, I don't think we have accepted her Shop Cocktail Dresses 2015 Online condition. We make room for it. We deal with it. But we haven't really accepted it."

Asma: "Aisha keeps us going. She's so positive. She goes to Manor High, a Buy 2015 Graduation Dresses Online normal state school in Oadby.

Fancy Footwear From Ancient Egypt

When Howard Carter discovered King Tutankhamun's treasure packed tomb in 1922 in the Valley of the Kings, he found a large nba jerseys china collection of footwear of different sizes and shapes."It is the only evidence of ancient Egyptian royal footwear. It is an amazing collection.Veldmeijer studied 81 specimens, including simple sewn sandals, as well as other elaborately decorated, gold ornamented, brightly colored open shoes.Read an article about Veldmeijer's analysis here. This strap is not known in any other ancient footwear, sandal or shoe.According to Veldmeijer, the strap might have been a solution to hold the sandal to King Tut's malformed feet."If the foot was wholesale nba jerseys seriously deformed, he might have have dragged the shoe over the floor, whereas the rather tight foot strap kept it in place," Veldmeijer said.Largely fallen apart, this pair of shoes featured a leathered treadsole covered with a thin sheet of gold, and an upper made of one layer of leather and one layer of beads.Six strands of tiny disc beads attached to a layer of leather made the tight foot strap, while the front strap was made of a leather filled nba jerseys china cylinder of filigree gold.The back strap was beautifully decorated with 12 gold daises on a blue background mosaic of lapis lazuli. The strap was made of a layer of leather and latticework of thin gold wire. The sole consisted of a leather treadsole, with a thin gold sheet as an insole.A layer of gold rows and diamond shaped beads made up the upper sole. Around the semi circular panels on each side of the shoe was a strand of beads of gold, carnelian, lapis lazuli and amazonite.They were decorated with rows of white bark covered with gold foil and strips of red and white bark. The front strap consisted of a wooden core, around which there was a layer of gesso. The back strap is made of rawhide and equally as elaborately decorated.Veldmeijer believes that it is unlikely that these sandals ever touched the ground. "They might have been carried by a servant," Veldmeijer said.Sign of Social StatusThere were four types of fiber sewn sandals, which Egyptologists refer as A, B, C, D Type.Differing from the others in the shape of the sole and straps, and featuring a pointed, slightly upturned china cheap nba jerseys toe part, type C was worn only by royals or those in high social circles."They are much more delicate, having a very thin sole and very fine sewing," Veldmeijer said.Type A sandals had a much thicker sole and were sewn in a much coarser fashion. They featured an expanded front that ended in a rounded toe and were worn by the lower social class.

Johncock happy to be home

FORMER Adelaide Crows star Graham Johncock is back home in Port Lincoln and eager to pull on the green and gold Mallee Park guernsey in an A grade match for the first time since 1999.

The 227 game Crows veteran retired mid way through the 2013 AFL wholesale nfl jerseys china season, saying his body simply could not handle "the pressures and rigours of AFL football".

The now 31 year old finished his career at wholesale nhl jerseys china West Lakes as the ninth highest games player of the Adelaide Football Club, accumulating a phenomenal 227 games and 120 goals.

"Not everyone can say they've played 200 games of league footy," Mr Johncock said.

"I'm happy with what I've achieved, I'm satisfied with my career."

When the time came to end his AFL career, Mr Johncock always knew he wanted to move back to Port Lincoln and raise his young family in the same place and the same way that he was raised.

"I've always kept strong family and community ties here.

"Moving back home was always going to happen," cheap nhl jerseys china Mr Johncock said.

Mr Johncock said moving home was always in the back of his mind throughout his AFL career, and he made the decision very early on.

However, the temptation to retire early to be back with his friends and family never affected him, and he feels he retired at the right time, for the right reasons.

"When you know, you know, and the club was very supportive," Mr wholesale nhl jerseys Johncock said.

The move home was a busy process, and he was very thankful for the help he received from his friends and family.

"We sold up in Adelaide and loaded up the trailers," he said.

"It was a big effort, but now it's very relaxing to be home."

When asked what he loved most about being back home, Mr Johncock spoke about his favourite leisure activities as well as his new job with West Coast Youth and Support (WCYCS).

"I love my camping, fishing and hunting," Mr Johncock said.

"I'm also getting used to nine to five work, and it's very rewarding."

Mr Johncock is employed by West Coast Youth and Support as a youth worker, and he has been involved in a new juvenile diversion program called the Breakout Program.

The program is a three component system, focused on young people's well being, participation in activities, and getting them engaged in the community through work experience.

WCYCS chief executive officer Joanne Clark cheap nike jerseys said Mr Johncock's status as a former professional footballer made him a great role model for the kids to aspire to.

"Graham has fitted in to the team extremely well, the professionalism and work ethics that enabled Graham to have a high profile football career at an elite level have crossed over into his role at our organisation," Ms Clark said.

"As a youth worker, Graham's role is to walk with young people in their challenges and triumphs and provide supportive and educational programs designed to foster behavioural change."

Ms Clark said they had responded really well to Mr Johncock's involvement and she had received a lot of positive feedback about him.

"Graham is an amazing young ambassador for the community who exemplifies the results of commitment and dedication in pursuing your goals.

"He wholesale jerseys china brings this inspiration to the young people he works with in his role," Ms Clark said.

Mr Johncock is also doubling his mentoring role as a junior coach at the Mallee Park Football Club where he is in charge of the under 15s.

He will also make his triumphant return to the Peckers A grade this year, for first time since 1999 when he was 16.

Indonesian woman accused of arranging

murder of husband who held Australian and British passports

The wife of a British man found with his throat slashed and dumped in a ditch in Bali has admitted ordering the killing, police say.

There was cheap jordans confusion last night when Bali police said the man, found dead and tied up in a plastic bag, was Australian but then later retracted that, saying he was British.

Police have arrested the man's 45 year old Indonesian wife, who went to police to report her husband missing soon after the body was found, for allegedly cheap jordans for sale arranging his murder.

Badung police captain Wisnu Wardana allegesthe woman jordans cheap was motivated by money.

"Our suspicion towards the wife of the victim was first aroused when some jordans for sale of the victim's friends said there [had] been problems between the couple for a while," he said.

"After talking to her slowly and kindly for a while, she finally replica louboutin admitted it."

The wife had been in the house at the time of the killing but told police that she was in her room when it took place, detective Wardana said.

Police allege the boyfriend of a housemaid carried out the killing, which is believed to have taken place between Sunday evening and Monday morning (local time). replica christian louboutin

A farmer in Bali's Badung region found the jordan shoes cheap man's decomposing body in the bag on Tuesday morning, wrapped up in plastic and blankets.

The victim's wife, two maids cheap jordan shoes and the boyfriend are in police custody while four friends of the alleged murderer are being pursued by police.

A forensic doctor at Bali's Sanglah Hospital, Ida Bagus Putu Alit, said there were three cuts to the man's neck, one of which severed a vein and killed him.

How to Set Up a Monthly Reinvestments Plans With the Best Companies

Why Invest in the Stock Market. Isn't it too volitile?I invest in Sharebuilder on a weekly to monthly basis. I have my own account and an account for two of my young nieces. I have done well in the past and find that investing in good sound quality companies with a low P/E ratio and and a return on equity (ROE) > 15% works best for me. I also look for wide moat stocks, that is stocks with lots of room to grow. I am often telling my husband when the nightly news talks about a huge drop in the market it is a great opportunity to buy.

As many of the baby boomers are facing retirement age they are becoming scarred with the stock market . The problem in that People that moved their money out of the stock market since 2008 into bonds and /or banks of interest have lost at least 2!/2 % income they could have made had they started in the market in safe dividend stocks.

Some of my best investments have been companies like Apple, Target, McDonald's, Johnson and Johnson, Coke or KO, Pfizer, Proctor and Gambler, PG, Ge or General Electric, Ford or F. You may see a pattern here except for Apple. I love high yield investment companies. It is important to watch for companies that have been growing consistently over time and have also been growing there dividends regularly over time. Always reinvest your dividends and you will be surprised to see how quickly your money will grow by following this plan. It is a lot like DRIP investing or Dividend reinvestment programs. These can be louboutin shoes replica purchased through the individual company or through a low cost stock purchasing plan like sharebuilder.

The economy has been down for so long I know many people are very discouraged, but I have to believe there is an end in sight. It may take getting the right people in the government first. In the meantime there are some good opportunities out there. Most economists see this as the only place to put your money and reap any growth. Otherwise it is like hiding you money under your mattress. Banks are not paying significant interest to warrant not investing in quality dividend paying companies. If the market falls you hold onto the stock and reap the benefits of the dividends. This is why you need to look to companies that have consistently held and/or increased their dividends over the past few years and there quite a few good ones out there.

Top Dividend Stocks for 2013HLSS Home Loan Service Association is doing great . It collects monthly house payments for a fee and is doing very well.

HCN or Health Care REIT christian louboutin replica is the first real estate investment trust to invest only in health care Properties.

CB Chub Insurance Company is doing so well that louboutin replica they collect more in income they than their fees and expenses.

ADP Automatic Data Processing is the largest human resources company.

Finally FEZ a European etf is cashing in on the end of the European finical crisis and currently yields 3.29 % with a low expense ratio.

Companies increasing Their DividendsHere are 8 good companies increasing there dividends right now. Sysco corporation now has a dividend of 4% . It has raised it's dividend for10 consecutive years. It deals with the food industry.

Another good dividend stock is national bankshares. National Bankshares or NKSH. It has raised it's dividend times this year to 4%.

The Laciedes Group LG has raised its dividend 9 consecutive times to 4%. It deals with the transportation retail distribution and sale of natural gas products.

The Williams CO (WMB) which deals with the gathering and distribution of natural gas within primarily th US. It has raised it's replica louboutin shoes dividend twice this year to 3.3%.

MDU Resources company replica christian louboutin shoes (MDU) company also transmits natural gas . It raised it's dividend for 21 consecutive year to 3.3%.

Nike (NKE) has also raised it dividend for the 21st consecutive year to 1.6%

Union Pacific Railroad (UNP) has raised it's dividend for the 6th consecutive time this year to 4% It deals with rail transportation in North America. This has been a favorite or Warren Buffett.

New Jersey Resources (NJR) has it's dividend at 3.2% and finally Hanover Insurance Company has raised it's divdend to 2.7%

High Rated High Dividend StocksIntel is being bought up by money tycoon Warren Buffet . It has a ROE of 27.57% and is recommended as a buy according to The Street and a buy at 3 for Standard and Poor.

According to a screen I pulled up for myself, Windstream christian louboutin shoes replica (WS) looks promising at five stars and an ROE of 46.85%. It is also paying a dividend of 8.5%

Following is another example of results of a screen showing several good dividend stocks. These are among the highest rated 5 star stocks of morningstar company.